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Of all the industrial automation projects developed by EESA, the most important is the one that continuously places innovation in everything it produces.

In over 15 years of activities, EESA has invested in the technological advancement of its goods and services, and also in the ongoing training of its staff members. This everlasting search for growth produces an energy which by means of total quality will lead EESA and its customers into the future.

Integrating CLP (Logical programmable controller), IHM (Man Machine Interface), frequency reverser, robots, servo-motors, all of which manufactured by Mitsubishi. One of the world's major manufacturers of state-of-art automation equipment.

Among the numerous of activities in which it is engaged, emphasis may be given to Combustion Control, with the use of oxygen burners for furnaces to smelt Aluminum, Copper, Lead, Iron, and ferro-alloys. Atmosphere control systems for thermal treatment, cleaning of equipment for use in Oxygen, and other processes which require special cleansing.

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